Quantify Health will lower the cost of healthcare and worker’s compensation for companies by at least $150 per employee per year without changing your payer or health plans


For a company with 10,000 US employees, Quantify Health will save over $1.5 million per year

Shared-savings model where we get 30% of whatever savings we deliver and you keep the rest – no other costs involved

Completely automated process taking just a few minutes to set up

Clients include two of the top five US health insurance companies

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The Quantify Health Solution

  • Our proprietary process identifies implant overbills from the provider and works with the third-party administrator (TPA) and provider to correct it and charge only the appropriate amount

  • This happens “pre-pay”, i.e., we identify the overbill before it’s paid out – so you only pay the correct amount

  • Our process is based on a massive dataset of pricing data for over 50,000 implants, proprietary algorithms to identify inflated claims, and a team of analysts with decades of experience in the medical implant ecosystem

  • Contingent-based shared savings mode, where we charge you 30% of the actual realized savings based on the difference between the original allowed amount and the repriced amount

  • In our 10 years of experience, we have found savings in over 50% of all implant-related claims for our clients 

The Problem

  • For most US employers, healthcare represents the second-highest operating expense category after wages and one of the biggest drivers of healthcare costs are medical implants like pacemakers, stents, artificial knees, hips, etc.

  • Implants are involved in 70% of surgeries and are one of the three most expensive parts of health insurance

  • The key problem is that providers (hospitals and surgery centers) are significantly overbilling for medical implants and this overbilling directly affects your company's bottom line

  • Providers are required to provide an original manufacturer's invoice, but they get away with overbilling by generating their own charge sheet or a doctored invoice with inflated pricing

Financial Impact

  • Quantify Health will save you at least $150 per US employee per year

  • This would improve operating profits  for an average company by around 1% - without needing any investment or effort

  • Quantify Health is only applicable for US-based full-time employees of self-funded employers

Getting Started

  • Getting started is very straightforward and takes just a few minutes to set up

  • After you sign our Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and contract, you simply email your TPA to let them know to provide us with a daily feed, which they can turn on in as little as a day

  • Fully automated process from your side – we work directly with the TPA and the providers

  • Once the feed is turned on, we will start analyzing daily claims with a turnaround of 48 hours and will soon start delivering savings

  • No TPA or payer does what we do – if they claim to, then we are happy to work with them to get an extract of all your claims from the past year and provide you with a free analysis of how much you were overbilled on implants and how much you can expect to save in the future
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